French Pâtisserie

French Pâtisserie


Get creative with BRAUN

and participate in the trend of French Pâtisserie

French Pâtisserie is more loved than ever around the globe with Tartes, Macarons, Mille Feuille,
Meringues and Éclairs
. After the Macaron Boom now Éclairs and Tartes seem to be the next big thing on the horizon with more and more pastry shops participating and dedicated boutiques opening around the globe.

Innovative versions are popping up and we want to encourage you to get creative yourself with our
products. With our Éclair Mix, Tartlets made with Mürbella and our vast range of filling products and
decorations it has never been easier.

And thus easy to create, both Éclairs and Tartes premiumize the standard pastry shop assortment,
attract new customers and promise higher margins.

Get creative or ask us for assistance in creating your Éclair and Tartlet assortment!

  • Trendy, premium concept
  • Easy to implement into your market
  • Easy to use and easy to make various delicious creations
  • Helps to attract new customers
  • Generates higher margins per pastry
  • Suitable for big production on stock