History of Martin Braun

  • 1931 Master confectioner Martin Braun founds the company "Feinbackbedarf Martin Braun" in Berlin.
  • 1940 After 9 years the company has also 100 employees.
  • 1948 The company headquarters are moved to Hanover.
  • 1951 Founding of the Martin Braun help foundation for employees in need. 
  • 1963 Death of the founder Martin Braun.
  • 1967 First baking demonstration in Germany in Berlin.
  • 1968 First export activities to Hungary and the Netherlands.
  • 1971 Move from Hanover-Linden to Hanover-Ricklingen.
  • 1973 Start of the collaboration with C. Siebrecht Söhne KG.
  • 1981 50-year anniversary of the Martin Braun company. The company now has 170 employees and generates DM 51 million in revenues.
  • 1988 In the course of tapping new business areas, baking agents containing flour are manufactured in proprietary production for the first time.
  • 1992 Agrano/Switzerland is taken over by the Oetker-Gruppe.
  • 1993 Comprehensive expansion of the production facility.
  • 2000 Expansion of the new logistics centre on plant grounds.
  • 2004 Martin Braun takes over the companies Wolf ButterBack (Fürth) and Arconsa SA (Spain).
  • 2005 Founding of Martin Braun Sp. z. o. o. in Warsaw.
  • 2006 Continuation of the Eastern European expansion by Founding of Martin Braun Kft. in Hungary;
    Organisational merger into the Martin Braun-Gruppe in the area of "Food Service Baking" of the Oetker-Gruppe, consisting of the companies Agrano AG (Swisse), Martin Braun KG, C. Siebrecht Söhne KG, Arconsa SA (Spain, now: Martin Braun SA), Wolf ButterBack and Martin Braun Kft. in Hungary and Martin Braun Sp. z. o. o. in Warsaw. 
  • 2007 Opening of the BACKFORUM in Hanover.
    Takeover of the Italian company Cresco Italia in Brescia.
  • 2010 Founding of Martin Braun Southeast Asia in Singapore.
  • 2012 Acquisition of the manufacturer of fruit puree Capfruit, Anneyron in France.
  • 2013 New Production plant in Central Poland.
  • 2014 Acquisition of Delite, The Netherlands.
  • 2016 Joint Venture with the turkish producer Polen Gida (Istanbul).
  • 2017 Acquisition of the belgium manufacturer Diversi Foods.
  • 2018 New Corporate Design for Martin Braun and the Martin Braun-Gruppe.
  • 2019 Founding of Martin Braun-Gruppe Hong Kong Limited on 1.11.2019 in Hong Kong
  • 2021 Part of the Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG